Maria-Anita Lovell Professional Corporation


Our paralegals participate on a voluntary basis and are allowed to refuse cases for any reason. If our paralegals are prepared to assist you, the following services will be available for Small Claims Court, Human Rights Tribunal and the Landlord and Tenant Board:

  • Legal advice, including an assessment of the merit of your position
  • Preparation and review of documents
  • Help with settlement negotiations
  • Representation in court

To receive free legal help (Pro Bono) in the above areas, the following requirements must be met:

  • You are acting as an individual (corporations do not qualify)
  • You can’t afford a lawyer or paralegal
  • You don’t already have a lawyer or paralegal
  • You are suing or are being sued in Small Claims Court (not family or criminal court)
  • You are prepared to authorize us to assist you to consult with any previous counsel or legal representative who assisted you with the matter
  • You will allow us to assess your case to ensure it has legal merit.