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A pardon is now referred to as a record suspension. We can assist you with obtaining your Canadian Record Suspension for criminal offences that took place over 5 years ago.

It gives you a second chance to be released from your past criminal actions and have the records sealed. After your record suspension has been granted, any criminal background check conducted on you by a potential employer or institution will come up clear.  

To be eligible you must have:

  • Completed your sentence(s) fully
  • Passed a waiting period (5-10 years) after the sentences are completed
  • Any outstanding restitution must have been paid in full 

Why should you do it?

In the long run, it is beneficial for you to obtain a record suspension because even small offenses can have long term consequences.

By obtaining a record suspension, you are taking the initiative to take control of your life and eliminate any and all unnecessary discrimination from your past action. This is a step that will open up possibilities for employment, volunteer opportunities, child care opportunities, educational needs, custody and adoption matters as well as the ability to be bonded.

An application for a record suspension can take anywhere between 9-18 months to be processed and granted. This is a rough estimate.

Regardless of your issues and situation, our legal professionals are more than capable of assisting you and walking you through this process.